Проект 0

Interactive Immersive Experience Fantasy Ocean

Проект 0

Interactive digital park Souzmult

Проект 0

Interactive digital exhibition Smart City

Проект 0

Showreel Hello Computer

Проект 1

Event "Brighter together 2019"

Проект 2

Sound Multimedia Cube Quest

Проект 3

Hello Park Japan in the Philippines

Проект 5

Robot the Artist for Rosbank

Проект 6

"Alice. Return to the Wonderland", Shanghai

Проект 8

Grand opening of Hello Park in Moscow

Проект 10

Project "The Africa"

Проект 9

Moscow Zoo Photobooth

Проект 11

Loboda Super Star AR show

Проект 12

Interactive orchestra for Tchaikovsky Museum

Проект 13

Moscow's city festival 2018

Проект 14

Olimpic changes

Проект 17

Magical fairytale for Kinder

Проект 18

Yota's special project

Проект 20

Interactive zone for Adidas on Faces&Laces

Проект 21

Light installation for Inspiration

Проект 22

Interactive booth Ford

Проект 23

Installation for Nokia on Midsummer Night Dreams Event

Проект 24

VR Cosco Elevator

Проект 26

Digi Digi Play Park