Hello Park - the biggest multimedia parks worldwide.

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Hello Computer – digital studio of muntimedia technologies.

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Hello Phygital – interactive entertainments.

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hello park

Interactive multimedia park for the whole family.

hello computer

Multimedia installations and city projects.

hello phygital

Leasehold of installation for events.

About us

Hello.IO —is an international company that creates projects at the point of design, architecture and technology. We make immersive high-tech spaces to tell a story and create a new culture where people can interact with the digital environment.

One of  our main technologies —is phygital. This cool format combines digital and real world.

  • 2011 Year of foundation
  • 100+ Employee in the company
  • 500+ Implemented projects


Our projects

Проект 1

Event "Brighter together 2019"

Проект 2

Grand opening of Hello Park in Moscow

Проект 3

Alice Park. Returning to Wonderland in Shanghai

Проект 4

Robot the Artist for Rosbank

All projects

Geography of projects

We've more than 100 people in our team but we're in constant looking for new and talented people.

Job Offers
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